Ile de Sein, France 6-11 October 2012 Ile de Sein, France 6-11 October 2012 It's a rough crossing. As the French proverb goes: ''ceux qui voient Sein voir leur fin''. 167718058 Rock Pipit (PIPIT MARITIME) 167747931 Bar-tailed Godwit (BARGE ROUSSE) 167717687 Turnstone (TOURNEPIERRE A COLLIER) 167717682 Stock Dove (PIGEON COLOMBIN) 167717686 Little Egret (AIGRETTE GARZETTE) 167762430 Pectoral Sandpiper (BECASSEAU TACHETEE) 167762431 Pectoral Sandpiper (BECASSEAU TACHETEE) 167762432 Dotterel (PLUVIER GUIGNARD) 167762433 Little Stint (BECASSEAU MINUTE) 167762435 Sanderling (BECASSEAU SANDERLING) 167762436 Meadow Pipit (PIPIT FARLOUSE) 167762437 Meadow Pipit (PIPIT FARLOUSE) 167762438 Dunlin (BECASSEAU VARIABLE) 167762439 Tree Pipit (PIPIT DES ARBRES) 167762440 Tree Pipit (PIPIT DES ARBRES) 167762441 Snipe (BECASSINE DES MARAIS) 167762443 Rock Pipit (PIPIT MARITIME) 167762442 Bottlenose Dolphin (GRAND DAUPHIN) 167762444 Bottlenose Dolphin (GRAND DAUPHIN) 167762445 Bottlenose Dolphin (GRAND DAUPHIN) 167762446 Shovelar (CANARD SOUCHET) 167762447 Chiffchaff (POUILLOT VELOCE) 167762448 Turtle Dove (TOURTERELLE DES BOIS) 167762449 3 Doves (3 TOURTERELLES) Collared (TURQUE) on left, Turtle (BOIS) on right, with a wierd thingy in the middle. This middle-bird, surely a Turtle Dove, is indeed a strange-looking beast... 167762450 Balearic Shearwater (PUFFIN DES BALEARES) 167762451 Gannet (FOU DE BASSAN) 167762452