Birding Beaumonts


30th January  -  West Rise Marsh

A pleasant day down on the marsh with 51 for the day-list. Nothing out of the ordinary but good views of a PEREGRINE and a small group of BEARDED TITS at the Lottbridge Drove pool.

28th January  -  Hampden Park

A couple of hours wandering around the park this afternoon: the BUZZARD was there again and a LITTLE EGRET was perched on the edge of the pond. 

Corking views of the wintering WATER RAIL running along its favourite stretch of stream...

11th January  -  West Rise Marsh

This is the famous "pagoda" area where folks come and stand and wait for ages, knee-deep in cold water, waiting for the PENDULINE TITS to show, which they almost never do. I keep on going there (like I did today) and always draw a blank. Today was another day full of that infernal wind, although it was at least sunny with no rain until the early afternoon. The highlight was getting some decent views for once of one of the WATER PIPITS that hang out near the Sevenoaks Road.

9th January  -  West Rise Marsh

A good day at West Rise, windy but sunny and no rain for once. Had a patch tick on arrival with a flyover KITTIWAKE and there were good views of a group of BEARDED TITS feeding on the mud and a DARTFORD WARBLER. Met Jack in the late afternoon who had seen a PENDULINE TIT earlier in the day, so good to hear that they are still about.

6th January  -  West Rise Marsh

Decided to have another bash for the PENDULINE TITS today but it was negative yet again, they may well have gone. The water levels have gone quite a bit but my trusty new waders proved essential for wandering the edges of the waterlogged fields. 

Quite a large loose flock of MEADOW PIPITS was on site and there were more TUFTED DUCKS than normal today. Just got one brief view of a BEARDED TIT, and this MARSH HARRIER was circling.


2nd January  -  Sovereign Harbour

A casual stroll down towards the harbour today ended up being a pretty mind-blowing start to the new year with the discovery of this LITTLE SWIFT !!! The bird winnowed high overhead towards the harbour in the late morning and was to show on and off in the area for 55 minutes or so before disappearing as a speck eastwards over the buildings and along the coast. Amazingly it’s a first for Sussex to boot…Happy New Year !!!