Birding Beaumonts


Beaumonts Nature en Ville (French) - website for the BNEV association
Europe Solidaire Sans Frontiers (French and English)politics and ecology (specifically Beaumonts)
La PiaFologie à l’état PuR !   (French)  -  Yves Dubois's blog
Les Oiseaux en Ville (French) - a look at birds in an urban environment 
Nadareg Arti''son''al (French)-  Mreg's audioblog, includes atmospheric audio cuts taken inside the park
Obsenfrancile (French)  - Olivier Laporte's blog - birds in Ile de France
Oiseaux pris par la vif (French) - Alain Bloquet's blog
Ornithomedia  (mainly French) - wide-ranging general site including ID articles
Pixiflore (French) - informative site: mainly plants, orchids (but also some birds)...
Pink-headed Duck (Canard à tête rose) : one man's quest to find it (English)
Smugmug (French) - Quentin Dubost's blog (photographs)
Seawatch au Cap gris-nez (French & English) - great site about the Cap
Sites de Photos d'Oiseaux de Olivier Laporte (French) - photos (including the tristis at Parc de Beaumonts!)
Winterton Bird Spotting Collective (English) - humorous local patch birding capers from the east coast of Norfolk, UK