Birding Beaumonts


9th August

This rather short-billed CURLEW flew slowly around overhead this morning, idly calling now and again - it was certainly having a good look at the mud below but decided against it...

8th August

Interestingly the 2 very black-bellied DUNLINS on site this morning were not the same as yesterday's birds. 

Lots of WILLOW WARBLERS around at the moment, several singing.

Here's one of the grotty-looking juvenile WATER RAILS that are walking boldly around away from the reeds - somehow they look much rarer like that !

7th August

The water is rapidly disappearing from the Lottbridge Pool it'll dry out completely at this rate - really must make the most of this welcome wader scenario. There were 5 species there this morning including a smattering of SNIPE and these two DUNLINS.

6th August

Best bird this morning was this CUCKOO which flopped up and down from the fence posts into the long grass. It eventually flapped strongly away, flashing a pure grey rump. Fewer waders with only 3 GREEN SANDPIPERS, but the GREAT EGRET was seen again and a distant CURLEW was heard calling.

5th August

Nice image of a pair of GREAT CRESTED GREBES this morning scurrying fast across the lake, still with one of the younguns riding on top. Good for waders again with 7 GREEN SANDPIPERS, a SNIPE, a LAPWING and 2 GREENSHANKS now on the mud. A SPOTTED FLYCATCHER was in the willows along with some corking WILLOW WARBLERS. A WHINCHAT and a WHEATEAR were together on the same fence up by the beehives.

4th August

Real signs of migration this morning with the first WHEATEAR of the autumn and groups of SAND MARTINS flying purposefully overhead to the south. GREENSHANK still there, along with 5 GREEN SANDS.

3rd August

Another count of 19 LITTLE EGRETS today, all standing conveniently in a long line in front of a feeding GREENSHANK.

A COMMON SANDPIPER flew around over the lake, and this YELLOW-LEGGED GULL was with the HERRINGS.

2nd August

Just a quick look at the mud situation late this morning - a tantalizingly small, half-asleep, half-hidden wader eventually turned out to be one of the DUNLINS, and a GREENSHANK flew around calling.

1st August

Record shot here of 2 of 4 DUNLINS on site this morning, all prefering to sneak about on the edges of the reeds and much more wary than the GREEN SANDPIPERS still on show.

An adult and a very brown-looking juvenile WATER RAIL ventured out in the open occasionally.

31st July

The LRP was still on the Lottbridge Pool along with 5 GREEN SANDPIPERS, the GREAT EGRET and a world record 19 LITTLE EGRETS.

This YELLOW-LEGGED GULL flew over.

29th July

4 restless GREEN SANDPIPERS flying around this morning, and this WHINCHAT was by the beehives. 2 LESSER WHITETHROATS and 2 WILLOW WARBLERS were in the trees running alongside the Sevenoaks Road.

27th July

A WHIMBREL was heard occasionally high in the sky, and eventually spotted as a speck flying out towards the coast. A GREAT EGRET was on the Lottbridge Pool, surounded by 14 LITTLE EGRETS.

22nd July

Impressive-looking flock of GOLDFINCHES by the buffalo shed - at least 175 birds I'd say...